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Board of Directors

Ronald Renne BA (Hons)


Ronald Renne moved into the role of Chairman of the Board in February 2014. Mr. Renne has guided the company from inception and through its change of management and has been instrumental in cementing the new board and senior management members into a unified and focused unit. He has over 10 years of experience in the banking sector and managing information technology resources. Mr. Renne has strong African and European ties that have contributed to his excellent understanding of business, culture and language in West Africa - a significant asset to the company. He has worked at HFC bank in London and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr. Renne graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000, with a BA Hons. He is also qualified in all aspects of retail banking, which allowed him to practice banking services in the United Kingdom.

Trevor Pickett  B Econ (Hons)

Trevor Pickett was appointed to the board in July 2015 and is also the Chief Operating Officer of Blox, Inc. He is responsible for day-to-day operations, including compliance reporting, budgeting, ongoing funding and investor relations. Mr Pickett’s role also includes the development of Blox, Inc.’s interests in software as a service, smart technology and sustainable energy. Born in Africa, Mr Pickett has a keen interest in the development and prosperity of the continent and its people. He holds an Honours Degree in Economics and Commerce and has a strong marketing and customer relations background that draws on over 25 years of experience in business, as both a founder and director of successful companies in Australia. Mr. Pickett also currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Ashanti Sankofa, Inc. - a TSX:V listed company.