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Blox Inc, is a progressive, forward-thinking Company which, through its Executive and its network of associated companies, has vast experience mining and conducting successful business operations in West Africa.  The company has secured three prime concessions in the currently under-explored Kibi-Winneba Belt and those concessions form a significant 19% of the total 130km Belt strike length.  The Kibi-Winneba Belt runs parallel to the resource-rich Ashanti Belt.

Adding to these positive aspects of the Kibi-Winneba Belt is the fact that significant Gold resources have already been defined in the area with 90,000oz at Kawbeng(1), 280,000oz at Kibi(1)  and 230,000oz at Tinga(1).

Blox Inc is currently in the enviable position of potentially pioneering a new strike area in Ghana with three new concessions surrounded by resources in neighbouring concessions, which are of generally high grade and are generally in excess of 3g/tonne Au(1) .

Experience in country is key to successful ongoing business operations and Blox Inc has forged strong relationships with local communities and numerous Government departments due to their strong moral compass.  The company strives to give back to local communities by means of employment, the establishment of beneficial new infrastructure.  In addition to the human aspect, Blox Inc is a pioneer in a new methodology of green mining.  It actively sources and embraces new technologies and techniques that offer a lower environmental impact from mining operations.  Green power production, green extraction techniques and unparalleled standards of site reclamation have cemented Blox Inc’s reputation as a responsible miner in Ghana with a social and environmental conscience.

The key to successful investment is growth and all three of the Birim Concessions have strong growth potential, ensuring not only a strong cash return once in operation but also a strong capital return from as yet unproven additional resources.  The three Concessions have the potential to yield further resources to the current resource pool after further exploration has been conducted.

Additionally, due to the location of the sites and the surrounding topography, low discovery and operating costs are forecast.  This is a positive factor for long-term success as lower operating costs mean greater insulation against future Gold price fluctuations and more sustainable long-term profitability.

With respect to the Mansounia investment in Guinea, the key strategy is to add low cost ounces to the project and try to amalgamate further ground in the area to improve the economic and life of mine potential of the area for Blox Inc.

(1) Refer to Chevyrock Engineering, Atewa Range Kwabeng Project 2010, Xtra Gold, Kibi Project 2012, Birim Goldfields – Tinga Project, 2007, GCD historical records 1977.